Sunday, October 9, 2011

Books and Blue Skies

Hey guys!
So I haven't been blogging very often lately. I have LOTS to blog about though. Like my last part of the Bangkok haul, and a mini Uniqlo haul, plus a little something on my giveaway prize! Yes I've received it! :D Well, the posts will come. But just a little late as I have some major studying to do before the year ends.

Today I went out to the Big Bad Wolf book fair in Malaysia. It's one of the biggest book fairs held in Malaysia and the biggest that I've ever went to :) I was excited but I must say, that this is not the best book fair that I've been to although it's the biggest.

There were LOTS of books, but some were torn and tattered and their variety of books wasn't big enough.

Here were some pictures that I took there :)
The weather was absolutely brilliant today! Okay, not that brilliant because it was VERY SUNNY. But look at the sky. It's quite hard to see very blue skies in KL. But for the last couple of days, the skies have been pouring cats and dogs so it must've cleared up the sky :)

It was so blue, I felt so happy and bright. I snapped lots of pictures. I felt like going on a picnic but since we were out to get books, anyway will do :)

Heh heh, inside the car. I was so amazed by how the sky was so blue I had to take lots of pictures. Doesn't it look like a painting from the inside of the car? :D I love those big fluffy clouds :)

Destination reached! Getting out of the car, I quickly snapped a picture. P.S this was at the parking lot :)

The book fair was held at a stadium, and it was HUGE so we had to take a shuttle bus to the stadium or court where they held the book fair. It was around 10 am and people the place was already full. The bigger crowd was about to come in too.

The book fair! :) Lots of people walking around with boxes and boxes of books :)

My family's boxes :) We got only 3 boxes full, but that's already enough! I saw families with 6 to 8 boxes. Some came with their trollies and even luggages :) Good idea ;)
Heehee, Mom got Nigella Lawson's cookbook :) We're a fan of Nigella!

Well, that's about it for the day. I was exhausted after around 2 hours and a half in the stadium going through books and books. We got quite alot but I hope we could get more in the next book fair :)
How was your Sunday? :)
P.S my next post (will come maybe later in the next week) will be about Skin Remedies, if y'all have any good skin remedies that you know PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE do share with me in the comment box. I will give it a try and post about it :)



  1. Hi, Lizzie! Wow, this looks like such a lovely day, the sky is just so blue, I haven't seen blue sky for a while now, with all the tropical storms that has hit us the past few weeks, so its very refreshing to see the bright blue sky of Malaysia :) And I love going to book fairs, I really enjoy reading a good book, I'm quite the bookworm when I was young, up until now actually haha

    Hope you have a great week ahead of you!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. looks like you had a great day... nice photos!

    PS: you can win a bag of your choice by joining my giveaway --> VOTE 4 me & WIN a Bag

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  3. I ain't a book person to be honest. but I've slowly learned to love reading. (not just twilight ok :P) for the most part I love romance novels. :P (maybe that aint a big surprise there.) but yeah, I'm saving up for this book (forgotten what its called but I remember the cover though) Its like those olden days romance novels. :3 and no vamps or werewolves are involve fyi. :P wahahaha!

  4. Wow a book fair?! That sounds awesome! I don't think we have anything like that in my city and wow you're family reads a lot! The only thing my mum and dad read is the newspaper hahaha and they almost never use cook books!

    Don't worry about visiting my blog! Focus on studies first, my blog isn't going to go anywhere hahaha I think scarves make the best accessory and it's practical too since they keep you warm! I really need to find a good way to store my scarves though, right now they're just in a large box all mixed up =P I hope you get to try a macaroon!

  5. You have a really cute blog. Love your posts. Well done. ^_^ FOLLOW AND COMMENT PLEASE. Kiki xoxo

  6. Thanks for commenting on my post! I'm so glad I discovered your blog! I love it!

    Gabby <3

  7. I'm looking out my window and the sky is just like your pictures =) You must have had an amazing day ! The place seemed so huge !! Shopping for books is so amusing =)

    xxx Vee

  8. My gosh! :O I went to that book fair too! Yum yum :) The books there were awesome.


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