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Bangkok Haul: Stationeries

Hey guys! :D

It's been quite long since my last post which was my very first tutorial! :) Thanks for all your sweet comments, and if you're going to try the design that I taught, please link it back! I'd really love to read it :D

So I'm back, with the other quarter of my Bangkok haul. Sorry it's coming so slowly. This is the stationery half of my haul :) I don't know if I mentioned this before but I am a HUGE stationery fan, I can just go crazy in the stationery store! So if you're a stationery fan, do head down to Bangkok City. I showed a picture of B2S in my previous post (The Stealing Bastard), B2S is a HUGE stationery store and I literally went bonkers there :P Well let's cut to the chase and take a look at what I got!


Not exactly stationery :P But let's just include this into this post :D
This is a really cute Hello Kitty bag that I got at Central Sala Daeng.
It's so pretty and cheap too. It was on Sale so I definitely had to have it. And I needed a new Hello Kitty bag because my previous one tore after serving me for almost 3 years! So I guess you can say the quality is quite good :)

It's very big and spacious so you can fit in lot's of stuff. I normally carry this bag to school as a bag for my jacket, my HUGE water tumbler (:P), some big files, my recess snack and lots of other things :P And this bag has a zip, and I love bags with zippers, because all the stuff inside can simply just fall out easily without a zip (a problem with my previous zipless Hello Kitty bag .__.)

The cute pattern :D


I got this ADORABLE pouch at Siam Paragon. Siam Paragon has a million cute stuff and stationery so I go there shop for most of my stationery.
And they always seem to have new designs and brands every time I visit Bangkok. So this was the first time I saw the Little Red Riding Hood line. And there are so many other Red Riding Hood goodies, but I felt that this pouch was the most useful item for me so I bought it at the price of RM 15 (totally cheap!) which is $5 USD :) There are several designs but this was the only one left :(

Number 3:
Souvenirs for my buddies!

I was thinking of what items that I would like to give to my friends as souvenirs. The first thing that came to me was STATIONERY :) And there are so many cute stationery to choose from in Bangkok so why not?
So I got a couple of bookmarks (super cheap!)

Some cute crayon erasers, OMG, the huge MADE IN CHINA label! :P

And lastly, a couple of vintage notebooks. I picked out the car designed ones for my male buddies :P I hope they like it, and they're younger than me so this won't be childish for them :P

Number 4:
Angry Bird iTouch case. This was sort of a gift from my Dad. He went shopping at MBK plaza and he got this for me. We were on an iTouch casing hunt and it was quite difficult finding for the 4th generation version. So he got me this knock-off Angry Bird iTouch casing, I'm not liking it because it's not the original one, but it's a good thing this was cheap!

Number 5:
Cute stickers ^^ I was a sticker fan since I was little. But it's hard to find cheap and cute stickers in Malaysia. I saw so many cute stickers that would make really good decorations for stuff like cards, electronics, blah-blah-blah :P
But this one caught my eye, more like brought to my eye :P My mom knew I love stickers so she saw this and showed me it and I was like "I'll take it" with a big grin :) There are like a million really cute Antarctic animals in this polar bear packet, my favorite is the baby penguins :)
Number 6:
Disney handphone cases :) I'm a big Pooh bear fan as you can tell from my previous posts. And I was desperately in need for a handphone casing (now stolen T^T) so I went on a search for one. I got this in Siam Paragon where there are millions to pick from. There was a whole shelf of Disney handphone cases, but this was the cutest among all the Winnie the Pooh ones.

*I'm in need for a new one because this one doesn't fit my new handphone!!* (Samsung Corby II)

A gift for a special girl who's a big Mickey Mouse fan :)

Number 7:
Vintage notebooks. I collect notebooks, they're one of my favorite things in the world :) I just love collecting them even though I basically don't use them much. But I'll make sure to use these new ones till they're full :)

This is my favorite item among the items that I got in Bangkok. It's so nice and vintage, the colors of the pages are also vintage. I'll show you after decorating several pages :) I plan to write my journal in it and also do some doodling :)
P.S It's from the brand La'Boom if you're interested in checking out.



Got this at B2S! This notebook is from a Korean stationery brand. I love the very simple and cute design. The color is so warm and cute too. The little girl and bunny caught my eye, it's such a cute design. I had to have it! :P

Number 8:
My new set of pens. These are some pens that comes from new brands and they can't be found in Malaysia. So I decided to try them. The quality is really good, all of them works well and I'm very happy I bought them :)

Close up for the Angle Tip pens that I got. Works like a marker, the tip is very thin :)

Close up for BiC Marking Pen, it's permanent so I can't simply doodle them on places :P

My favorite among these pens. This is from Pigma Micron, it works really well and smooth.

We have reached the end of the haul post! :) The last part of the haul which is the Fashion part will be coming next :) Hope you guys enjoy the post. My grammar may be wrong in certain areas, that's because I'm not really concentrating right now :P I can't think straight now, I wonder if this has got to do with my bump in to the wall just now :P

Oh wells,
Have a wonderful week!
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Love you people :)


  1. *puts her hand up in the air*

    Meee ! I'm such a big stationery nd stickers fan !!! I stick them everywhere (as you cn see in my last post =D) and I'm always searching for cute stationery for when I write to my penpals =) !!

    thanks for this post, so cutie pie !!

    take care

    xxx Vee

  2. everything is beyond cute! you have a cute sense of style. :3

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