Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hair-ccesorize :)

Hello there :D

It's a very very HOT Sunday today! But I have managed to put some pictures together to make this post. This is sort of like a, hair accessory haul post :D I love hauls! I hope you like my post :)

First off, I strike off another two items off of my wishlist that I April. Here's my wish-list post from months ago. It took quite a long time to gather all the things from my wishlist :P The two things I striked off this month, is a Hat (I just realized I did not list that down in my Aprils Wish-list post, oops :P) and a headband with a bow on it. I wanted a headband with a RED bow on it but I couldn't find a classic and simple one so anything with a bow would do for now :P

Here are the pictures I took this morning!
1) Uniqlo Bowler Hat :)
I got this super cute and classic bowler hat at Uniqlo just recently, I was very happy that I found it among racks and it was on discount so I totally wanted it. But for some reason, I suddenly felt like I should wait but later I thought to myself "What am I waiting for?!" and I grabbed it :D

On the left is myself wearing my bowler hat, I totally copycat After School's JuYeon's way of wearing the bowler hat. On the right is Ju Yeon wearing her's, a blue one, she posted this on Twitter and I thought that was just uber cute and immediately I wanted to try wearing mine with pigtails :D And now I'm so glad I have bangs! :D

2) Uniqlo Wool Beanie
I have no idea what this exactly is called 'cos I cut off the name tag but basically it's a very soft and comfortable wool beanie that I got at Uniqlo along with my bowler hat. This was also on discount :D I am a HUGE fan of beanies :) I get so jealous of those Korean hallyu stars posing with their very own beanie, looking flawless and cute ^^

1st row: On the left, Girl's Day Kkab Bang Min Ah wearing her beanie with her bangs out (ooh, a similar color to mine ^^) and on the right, myself in my own beanie with bangs out.
2nd row: Left: T-ara's Sexy Hyomin on her blue beanie, bangs in (bangs in? Sounds silly. No bangs :D) This is one of my favorite pictures of Hyomin ^^ On the right, myself looking...OH *speechless*. Personally I prefer wearing the beanie with bangs out.

3) White Elastic Headband
One of my favorite headbands (not sure what you call this kind of headband), it's stretchable and very comfortable. I love the classic white color, more of like a vanilla color :) It's very girl and cute. I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it in Daiso (where I got it), Daiso is a Japanese store with lots and lots of awesome stuff from Japan.
4) Ribbon Hairbands
Got this lovely ribbon hairbands at Diva. Totally love the colors, one is in sort of a Champagne color and the other is plain silver. It's very thin, the bows aren't that large but that's fine with me :) I'm still on the look out for more Ribbon or Bow hairbands :)

And that's the end of my mini haul!

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Have a GREATTT Day people :D
Remember to smile, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water! :D



  1. Hello! Hehehehe, I love bowler hats especially red ones! I've followed you on twitter! Follow me too! @Polpetinaxq !

  2. Hi, love! Just letting you know, the #1 rule before other extra entries to follow me through google connect for the giveaway! :) I'll enter you, but be sure to hit follow by Monday before I find a winner! <3

  3. I totally love the hair accessories haul, my dear! Love LOOOVE the bowler hat, it looks great with your bangs :) And the beanie is just adorable, I have a beanie too, but I RARELY wear it cuz it's so freakin' hot out here lol I don't usually wear elastic headbands though, cuz they give me a headache after prolonged use :( But yours look good on you, especially with your bangs tucked in and swept to the side. And the ribbon hairbands are just lovely. I love the grey one. Lovely haul, sweetie ^^


    A Single Girl's Musings

  4. cute hair accessories (: i like the bowler hat ^^

    CMPang x

  5. The beanie looks so cute on you!

  6. hats off to you on this lovely post!! :P hats makes you looks super cute now that you have those adorable bangs! aahh. <3 I never wear hats cuz well M'sia is hot enough already! i start sweating wearing hats. ><

  7. God you sound like you're in a super good mood =D I'm happy for you =) and you look as cute as these model/ectresses/whatever stars with the little hat and beannie =D !!! Serious !!

    I'm following you on twitter I'm @Vivium hehehe =)

    xxx Vee

  8. wow cute headbands!! totally love your hat <3
    come and join my giveaway. follow my blog if you love it. i will follow you in return. :)

  9. I love all the headpieces..
    It look so cool yet so cute.

  10. aww, i love them all! especially the hat and bow headband :))

  11. hewwo lizzy~~

    love the new hats, esp. the first one! i absolutely love hair accessories myself and am always exploring new styles~

    btw I left a msg for you revealing the "nose strip" secret on my page!~~~ xD hehe

  12. aww those are really nice head accessories :) ~ i love the beanie, so tomboy chic!! must invest in a hat like that now winter is coming along ^__^

    J <3

  13. Hehe. I love the hats on you. I have this hello kitty beanie one that I think you would like. Maybe I should post a picture of me wearing it. The bow headbands are really cute too. I love anything with bows. They are just so darn cute.

  14. Aw such cute hats and hair accessoires! They look very good on you :3

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! Yours looks adorable >w< And yeah sure! Let's follow each other :3 I like your blog~~ *follows*


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