Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello to my lovely lovely readers :D

I'm back with a little update post :) Before I start I wanna thank you for the comments you guys leave :) Thank you so much, I appreciate each and every one of them!

And also I wanna give a BIG thank you to Wi from A Single Girl's Musings for giving 3 awards to me :D! Thank you so much :D You really really really made my day, 3 is alot! Thank you for always visiting my blog and leaving sweet and funny comments, I enjoy reading your blogposts and the comments you leave me. Keep up the AWESOME work on your blog :) For those of you who have not heard of Wi or her blog, you have to go check her blog out! :D

Well, now for the update! I've got bangs :D Here's how I look like now:
Oh my nose looks funny! ><"

This was how I looked like before:
It's been a long time since I changed my hairstyle so I decided to get a change this year :)

How I wanted my hair to turn out:
After School's Lee Joo Yeon

My bangs is slightly shorter and thinner than hers though :/
What I'll be doing next is try to cut a hairstyle like:
T-ara's Ji Yeon :) She looks SO FABULOUS :)

What's your favorite hairstyle nowadays? Comment below and tell me ^^

Next, as you know, I am a HUGE Girls Generation fan. And recently they have comeback with their new song The Boys. I have been waiting for their comeback since their last one ended. And now they're back, looking super duper fabulous in their new song The Boys. LOVED the MV! Here's the video if you haven't seen it yet:

All the members looked flawless as usual in the MV. Sunny's new strong hair cut was quite shocking for me as she was always seen in her pretty long hair but so far, I'm loving her haircut. I simply loved Taeyeon. If anyone knows any makeup tutorials on YouTube on Girls Generation's The Boys' MV please let me know :)
A little poll for my readers :)
A 'Who Wore It Best?', I wanted to do something different and interact with my readers. So let me know, who wore it best?

IU or Jessica from Girls Generation? :)
This picture is from allkpop.
Both of them are wearing a Purple Bird sleeveless dress by Lewitt.
So...who wore it best? I think both of them look really pretty in this piece. But let me know what you think in the Comment bar tomorrow :)

Have a GREAT week people :)
Lots of love,


  1. Lizzie!!!! Nice to have you back, I missed you, and I'm loving the new haircut! You look cute with bangs :) I'm a big fan of bangs as well, but as of the moment, I'm trying to grow my hair long so I haven't made a trip to the salon and my fringe has grown longer now. I'm trying to grow my hair and have it styled like CL's on their MV Can't Nobody hahaha!

    And oh... no doubt, Jessica of SNSD rocked this frock better. IU's cute in that dress, but Jessica looked darling and pretty in it.

    Thank you so much for the generous and sweet words about me, and about my blog! You are too kind ;)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  2. Heya Liz =) The bangs was a good idea you do look really cute =) and I LOVE your red glasses =D ! serious !!

    i think the girl on the 2nd pic wears it better =) the other one looks a bit too innocent :p lol

    xxx Vee

  3. If you want them I can get them for you and send it to you =) We can do a swap =) I did it with an other friend blogger from australia not long ago and I absolutely love recieving mails :p
    let me know if you would be up for it =)

    hope your studies are going well =)

    xxx Vee

  4. Congratulation on your awards. You look adorable! :)
    Girl Generation rock! I love their style! They all are so beautiful. :)

  5. Hellooo! I love bangs! I never once look good in side bangs because my hair is really flat. Nuuuu... T.T .
    Have a nice day!

  6. Congrats on your award! I love the pink bird dress outfit :D

  7. You look super cute! :) Nice bangs! You really pull it off. I went through a bang phase. Was not my look >___<...

    and omg I LOVED THE BOYS. The girls looked stunning. And Ji Yeon is def fabulous. She always looks so edgy <3
    I think she's my age. wow... Makes me feel unaccomplished haha.

    and RE: I don't use much/any facial stuff so I cant recommend anything sorry!

  8. The images are kinda small and it's hard to tell who wore it better haha.
    But anyway... the haircut looks really cute. You should show us a pic =]

    And following each other sounds awesome haha.
    I've followed you ^_^

  9. thanks dear, ive followed you back <3

  10. you look great with your bangs. i always had a bang and short bob-classic haircut since i was little. it's kinda boring but don't think any other haircut gonna suit with me :p

  11. what a fabulous post! HOW I MISS READING YOUR LOVELY BLOG! i dont have a favorite hairstyle. as long as it feels comfortable then thats good nuff for me. :) i think IU wore it better. she's the girl from the first pic right? :P every single time i go for a celeb-inspired hair do, it never turns out as pretty as them. :/

  12. hewwo Lizzy!~~

    You can call me Fifi ^_^

    Thank u for your sweet comment!~ The funny thing is, although I've got my costume, I still haven't made plans yet... LOL

    We should def. follow e/o! ^_^

    Mine is :


  13. oh, and I forgot to add that I love your new hair! I know how exciting it is to change up hair every now and then, I dyed mine in April!~~~ :)

  14. I like the bangs on you. It looks very cute.
    Hmm.. I don't exactly have a favorite hairstyle, but I really do like Asian Mullets or something that just looks really layered & textured, oh & some funky colors always look nice like electric blue & hot pink.


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