Friday, September 23, 2011

Hawaiian Flower

Ello peeps!:)

This post is gonna teach you how to do nail art :)
This is my VERY FIRST tutorial post so it kinda sucks a bit, I apologize!
Anyway, here goes.
I'm gonna teach you how to do this design:
Ignore the device and focus on the design xD
It's a very simple design, but I think it's very pretty and cute and you won't need any professional nail art tools :)

You will need:
Nailpolishes :)
I'm using:
1) 17 Nail Xtras: Double Gloss Top Coat
2) Etude House Nail Polish in VIP Girl Color GR605
3) Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener
4) Bihun in Color No.6311
5) Some Q Tips for cleaning the sides (optional)
*I kinda skipped the base coat (which is sorta important) but base coat can be included.

A toothpick or a kebab stick, or a wooden skewer :)

A bobby pin like this:
*You'll wanna get the ones with a round tip :)

Now let's begin.
Start by applying a base coat. NOTE: I did something wrong! I used the top coat as my base coat, but both works fine :P
But use a base coat nail polish for this!!
Next, I painted my nails with my Etude House VIP Girl in GR605 nail-polish. You don't have to use the same color with me, you can choose any sort of blue or maybe purple or pink color. Any color you think would go well with the Hawaiian Flower. I think my VIP Girl nail-polish color looked very well with the hawaiian flower, it's a hawaiian color too (come to think of it :)) It's sort of a turquoise greenish blueish color :)

Use a Q Tip and apply some nail-polish remover on it and gently clean the sides of your fingers.
Up-close :)
Let it be completely dry and then we're gonna move on to making the flower pattern
I dipped some of my white nailpolish on to the end of my bobby pin.
And I dotted 4 white dots on to my nail. These white dots are the petals of the flower, you can add to them, the more white dots, the more petals your flower is going to have.
Next, white the petals are still watery ( do not wait till it dries), grab your wooden skewer or toothpick and stroke from the middle of your dot to the center of the flower. That will form the design on the flower. Honestly, I think it looks complete the way it is now but for the finishing touch which can be optional, I'm gonna add a red dot to the middle of the flower.
Lastly, using my red nail-polish. I'm going to clean the tip of my bobby pin (or use a new one) and brush or dip the red nail-polish on to the end of the bobby pin. Dot the center of your flower and it's DONE :D

Final product!

I'm not very good in this tutorial thing so I'm sorry. But if you have further questions and if you'd like me to re-explain certain steps, I will try to do my best to do so :)
Leave your feedback and if you have done a nail art tutorial before, please leave me a link of it. I enjoy browsing through tutorials :)

Thanks and buh-bye :)


  1. wow! You are a pro! I can never do these kinda things! you're an excellent teacher! I get this pretty well. well-done! (Y) cuz usually im a dumb blond when it comes to these stuff! when it comes to applying make up, nail polish etc. I'm pretty suckish! x)

  2. Nice nail art! looks pretty :)
    Whenever I do my nails, i ALWAYS mess up on a nail. grr. And then I try to fix it and mess up my other nails :( Except you seem to be handling it well haha

  3. Ohhh this is lovely, Lizzy! And you did a great job in writing this tutorial! It's very clear, and the way you presented it was understandable. And this is such an interesting, not to mention KAWAII!!, nail art project! I wanna try these myself :D Thanks for this very lovely tutorial, hun!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  4. What is this sorcery?! So magical! I seriously discovered something new today! Never have I known that you could use a bobby pin! I've always used toothpicks.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  5. Oh it's so cute! ^_^ And easy to do! :D I'll do this too and link to you :">

    Thanks for joining my giveaway btw <3

  6. I like it, you did a great job!! xo

  7. Nice design Lizzy! I love how the flower turned out and how you just used basic tools that most people have at home already!

    I think big fish is awesome and I love diner dash too! I actually purchase them LOL Sometimes I regret it but often I don't, I also like to play the hidden object games too but it makes me stare at my screen too long sometimes = bag for my eyes! I hope you get a chance to try out the Sims game soon, it's really good or perhaps try the facebook version first! =D

  8. wow it looks really nice! will do this! thanks for the tut!

    anyway, im having an international giveaway, would you like to join it please? ^_^ thanks!

  9. this is great =) thanks for the tutorial !!! Can't wait to try it out !!!

    xxx Vee

  10. Way to think outside of the box! The flower looks beautiful.



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