Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cuts From the Wishlist

Hey ladies! :)

So I guess you can say, this is sort of a haul post, it's part of the haul anyway :P But I just wanna share the items that I bought that are in my wishlist for April-August :P

Number 1:
Nerdy glasses. I wanted a pair but in the end I got 2 pairs :D A white one and a black one.
My mom bought me a red pair but I thought that it didn't suit me, it looked so much better on my elder sister so it is her's now :)
Gawsh, I look so dorky :P
The white pair, the frame is huge! Got this one from KL, Midvalley Megamall.
Got this one from Bangkok. Sala Daeng, Central, Daiso. 60 Baht! :)

Number 2:
Superman or Elmo t-shirt!
I wanted a t-shirt with Sesame Street's Elmo's face on it but I couldn't find one :(
So the second option was to get a Superman t-shirt. A blue one with Superman's famous logo, and I got it! :)

I ain't gonna show it today, I'll show it along with my clothes haul. This is the EPIC paper bag :) My mom says it's scary, especially how Wonder Woman is so bulky here :P I was smiling from ear to ear after my Dad paid for it :) Thanks Daddy :)
Ohyeahhh, Superman and Batman!
Number 3:
A pair of new pumps! This is from Rock Port. I'm a pump fan! :D I love the color, I actually wanted a different pair with a different color, sort of a tea color? But there wasn't the right size :/ So I got this one, equally lovely. I like it's classic and simple design, love the bow!!

Ahh, bruised feet! ><
Number 4:
A new iTouch 4th Generation cover. It's kinda difficult to get an iTouch 4th Generation cover, there aren't much designs compared to the iPhones. I really wanted a Hello Kitty cover but that's okay :) I like my new one now, it's checkered and it's sort of red with a little bit pinkish? I LOVE the color, it's really sweet and I decided to settle with this!

P.S, That's my holiday nails! :) I'm thinking of doing a tutorial post on how to do this for those who doesn't know how to :/ but I'll see if I have the time :)
END of wishlist :)
I actually went to Bangkok hunting for a hat. There were many but most of them looked really old and grey and the colors were fading so I decided to search for more in KL :)

have a great Sunday bloggas :)


  1. Thanks for your comment, great post!

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  2. Woots! Nerdy glasses rocks, reminds me of Glee hahaha. And your Rockport flats looks so comfy, these are perfect for those long walks when you're on holiday. And please, if and when you have time, do that nail art tutorial! It looks really cool, I really love it! Looking forward to your clothes haul post! I'm excited to see your Superman shirt!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. it'd be a great idea to do a tutorial! im so so bad at doing my nails! when it comes to beauty products im clueless on how to use it like men. XD and i actually think the nerdy glasses flatters u :p

  4. Nice one !! I love the nerdy glasses =) I've got one pair aswell =D ! Your nails look really cute and you should totaly do a tutorial =)

    xxx Vee

  5. Wow! That's great wishlist!
    Like your nerdy glasses and shoes!
    Glad for you that your wish come true. :D

  6. Gosh, it looks like you got a lot of things. Do you naturally wear glasses?

  7. those glasses are lovely! Very geek chic!

    and loving that retro bag!!

    See ya' lizzie ;) haha


  8. Sorry for late reply your comment.
    I ate quite many slices of moon cake. :) I have my celebration together with family too.

  9. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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  11. Glad you got some things checked off your wishlist! I think the glasses frames are cute and the white looks awesome! I think I'd rock the white ones myself lol but I would need real prescripted glasses =P

    Omg what a cool paper bag for a shirt! I think I'd buy something just for the bag lol that's nice of your dad too! The flats are cute, simple and functional!

    Im actually a fan of Ribena! Oh I know what you mean about eating tomatoes, I also don't like the vegetable tomato but I love ketchup etc. LOL weird!

  12. ahhha love the spiderman bag :)))kisses La Folie 


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