Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Stealing Bastard

Hey guys!

SORRY, it's been almost 2 weeks (or is it 3? lost track :P) since my last post.

my reason:
ot's of stuff has happened over the last few weeks, a break-in at my house, my Mom's missing ID Card, my stomach going all crazy on me...oh it's been rough.

But Thank God everything's over! I'll just have to trust in Him and everything'll be alright :)

Firstly, the break in! This is the first break-in that's ever occurred in my household, the last time some dude broke in to my Dad's car taking several items along with him. This time, it's a real case, a big one. Some bastard(s) (I'm not sure if it's a group or just a one-man-business) broke in to my house and took precious and pricey items along with him/them.
I'm really pissed.

The thieves/thief took: My Mom's branded handbag which was a gift from my aunt (OH GOSH, I forgot the name of the brand, but it's famous :P) , CASH$$ a robber always search for cash! My dear handphone T^T and my Roxy backpack which was quite new. Some cash from my sister's wallet and several stuff that we still are trying to discover. He took quite a lot of things but we haven't identified what are the things he took.

He ransacked most parts of the house leaving clumps of messes in the living room and the garden! He dumped books, files and papers from my school-bag in the backyard. SERIOUSLY?!! You jerk. And I just found out that that stealing dude is currently using my phone with my SIM card in it.

SORRY for my ranting.
'Nuff said.
Moving on :)

Anyway, if you've got any break-in memories or if you've got robbed before, do share. How do you get over the trauma?? :P
I'll be trying my best to complete my haul posts and nail tutorial very soon, sorry for the delay.

Here are more pics from my Bangkok trip:
Shopping at Giordano. Lot's of great buys!

My Dad :D
Sister heading to Etude House!
Central World, Bangkok. Seriously recommend to visit if you're a shopping person. The perfect place to shop till you drop :) Lot's of great stores, I did most of my shopping there :) And it's connected to my hotel (Centara Grand, Bangkok) so it's super convenient.
Sister stopping by to take a look at Skin Food. If I'm not mistaken it's located next to Etude House.
This is the second part of the mall, I think it's the East Wing? :P See the sign B2S? If you're a stationery fan, I suggest you visit the huge store. Lot's of cute and awesome stuff, they sell almost everything! This Central mall has the biggest B2S.

LAST DAY, at the airport. This is near the gates. A huge wall of windows. It's fantastic, and you can see lots of airplanes from all over the world waiting outside.
While waiting for my Dad to collect his V.A.T Refund, I took a snapshot of my sister's new pair of Converse sneakers. Matching Converse socks! :)
Before returning home, we took a stroll along the duty-free stores. There's even a M.A.C store! :)
And...last but not least! Thank you so much to my readers and followers :D

I'VE REACHED 50 FOLLOWERS. Made me smileeeeee:D
thank you so much :)
I'll try my best not to let you guys down. Heaps of love.

P.S Excuse the title, I'm just recovering from my trauma and hatred. I hate you robber >:(
[so immature :P]


  1. thank you for your lovely comment sweetie!
    yes! let's follow each other! follow me and i'll follow you back!

  2. OMG, Lizzie, that is terrible, I hope you and your family are taking this very well. Do change your locks at the house, and be extra careful now, ok? And arggghhh that guy is unbelievable! He's using your SIM, ugh, how shameless! Karma will get to him, he can't run away from it. I'm glad that guy didn't steal your CPU/Laptop or the camera that holds all your precious photos >.<"

    On a brighter note though, those are lovely shots of your BKK trip! I totally looove Giordano as well! They're a bit expensive here, but whenever I'm in HK, I scourge their stores for awesome deals lol.

    And congrats for hitting 50 followers, my dear! Truly well deserved, and your blog is so much fun to read! I truly enjoy following your blog, and you are such a peach with your comments on my posts :)

    Wishing you all the best, and do take care ok?


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. Honestly, after getting your house broken into, the only thing that helps is time, as cliche as that sounds =P

    My house was broken into and they took our Wii & games, my nintendo DS & games, my laptop (which has pictures on it I will never get back,) and all of my valuable jewelry, which included a necklace and earring set that had stones from my grandmother's engagement ring.

    It feels really violating, and we didn't sleep in the apartment the night after, because the robbers had taken a pillow case off the bed to put the jewelry in.

    Since that happened, we now always buy a doorknob with a lock for the bedroom (which we didn't have at the time of the break-in) and put valuables in there and lock the door. It isn't a great defense, but it's better than leaving it wide open!

    I still get angry thinking about it, so I try not to. It will get better, I promise.

  4. Like the colour of the converse sneakers.
    There was a break-in case at my house last time. The thief break-in from the back of my house. At that time, we are all at the living room. We did lost some expensive things. I couldn't understand why those thief have such bravery to break into people house.Hate them so much and shame on them!

  5. Heya Lizzy !
    It's so horrible what happened to you =( thanks God you and your family is ok ! I really hope this man got a cursed life b doing that ! Filthy bastard.

    Anyway, this B25 store sounds awesome =) shame we don't have it here !!! I'd love to visit Bangkok someday it looks awamzing (especially this shopping center =D hehe!!)

    I hope your tummy is ok and you're not suffering !

    I'm glad you liked the links I gave you =) You can just find a lot more of these beauty gurus on youtube, there's tons of them !!
    I don't think I'm gona make videos anytime soon =D Coz I hate my voice on videos and I'm not good enough :p plus I really hate my french accent when I speak english T___T hehe. But maybe one day I will =)

    thank you for being so sweet !!!

    xxx Vee

  6. hmmm No one has broke into my house. But I was at a empty parking lot once with my mum and two dudes on a motorcyle came and stopped by and just walked up to us opening the car's door to grab anything he could. my mum & I were not in the car luckily. my mum was at the boot.I was just chillin around beside the car. My mum was yelling and screaming for help, he tried to come closer to my mum holding a knife but then my mum yelled louder so he backed off, i just stood there frozen in fear. so then he just took a plastic bag which had nothing really important inside and then just took off. happened years ago. i still remembered when he took off, i still stood there..= = like an idiot

  7. Im really sorry to hear about the break in but Im glad everyone is safe! I think the last time I had a break in at my house I was only 5 years old and the first thing I did was run to my piggy bank and shake it LOL So i can't help with any sort of trauma remedy =( But I hope you cheer up! On another note the Bangkok trip looked great! Im sure the good and shopping was awesome!

    P.s thanks for your suggestion on the title! I finally decided and just settled on Suki's corner LOL

  8. Oh my! I'm so sorry bout what happened but remember that what you lost will be given back to you x10 more! :D


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