Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I eat. I receive Blog Awards.

Ello people :)

No, this ain't the haul post. I still need to clear all the goodies that I bought and snap some pictures before I write the post. But it will be coming soon.

Moving On...
I received 2 more awards! From the lovely Wi, the blogger behind A Single Girl's Musings! Thanks Wi :) Check out her blog, she posts amazing pictures! She writes about her life, fashion, beauty and many other cool stuff. She has such a friendly personality. I love reading her posts, they are ALL always very interesting to read, so you should CHECK it out and click zee FOLLOW button :)

These 2 awards are... in Spanish...how cool is that? :D\
1) Your Heart is my prize
2) Your Blog is Heavenly

The titles are so flattering ^______^
makes me just say...awwwww :P

I pass these awards to:
Vee of Vee's Randomness
Suki of Suki Pooki
Julie of It's A Girl Thing
Peiyinn of Peiyinn's Stop


Esther of Blogging/Expressing

Thanks again for the award! ^^

Next! More pictures from my Bangkok trip. FOOD :)

This trip was different because, there was NO free buffet breakfast. Odd, but my Dad didn't really explain why but we saved up a lot not going downstairs for buffet. Instead we ordered Room Service which was YUM YUM and just YUM. The waiter came up with a mini table full of warm delicious food. 1) Two Eggs of your choice I chose: Omelette (I spelled that wrongly :/) with grilled ham and baked potato (you can request for hashbrowns but they are just deep fried and soaked with oil :O) My sister chose: Scrambled Eggs, very neatly placed on a half a slice of bagel. And grilled sausages. With baked potato. Oh and both our sets came with a grilled tomato too. My parents didn't really eat much for breakfast so they ordered toast, pastries and muffins, which I didn't try :( Dad ordered Carrot and Apple juice while my sister and I shared Pomelo juice, something different for a change (we normally stick to plain old Apple juice). Fresh fruits for the day: A platter of papayas. Not very juicy but very sweet :) And cereal? My all time favorite: Cocoa Pop! :) Oh and the toast came with two sets of jams in mini cute bottles.

Watching Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 6 while eating breakfast. We don't normally do that but we broke the rules for just a few days :P
LUNCH! Every time we visit Bangkok, we NEVER (I do mean NEVER) fail to visit Ootoya's. So far, this Japanese restaurant can only be found in Thailand or maybe just Bangkok alone. The menu is basically Japanese but the food served are very different. But ALL the food that I tried in the restaurant are ABSOLUTELY DELISH.
My sister's set, grilled minced Chicken burger patties served with Bangkok's yummy fragrant rice.

Remember how I said Ootoya's delicacies were different? Well, they add yam or taro in their Miso Soup which is really yummy, it gives alot of flavor to the soup. Slurp! :)
Mom's vege stew with fried shrimp patties. This tastes heavenly but be sure to order a bowl of rice to go along with this because sometimes the chefs tends to add a little bit too much of salt :P
My set! Alaskan salmon, seriously, it's from Alaska and the salmon taste different from any ordinary salmon. It's very soft and melts in the mouth :)
Close-up! A must-try, I always order this whenever I visit Ootoya. And it's cheap too!
Dad's grilled chicken with salad!
Ootoya the restaurant :P
Take-out pictures. On the second night on the trip we were all so beat out after shopping non-stop for 6 hours so we takeaway the food from Ootoya. Here are the pics! I love their packaging, really neat.



  1. I'm shocked when I saw my name and my blog name in this post! Thanks for your awards and congratulation!
    Ootoya is a Korean food shop? Those food look so yummy! :D

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my blog <3 I'm so happy to hear you like my posts!

    And wow, the food at Ootoya looks amazing! I will definitely check that resto out when I go to BKK! And the hotel brekkie looks as sumptuous as well. Ahh food fest and shopping goes sooo well doesn't it? hahaha

    I am eagerly anticipating your shopping haul.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. wow, lots of delicious foods! and thank you also for awarding me those awards... im so flattered!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  4. Hello! I love the food! They make me hungry right now. You have interesting posts here. I'm following you now!

    Come visit my site and follow back as well.


  5. This all looks so yummy !!! *goes to get crappy toasts with Nutella on it* ... God almighty I wish I had these plates in front of me !!! ... Makes me think I still got a pack of japanese noodles hehe =D !

    Thanks a lot AGAIN for these awards =) You're so sweetie sweet !!! I really do love your blog it's so funny to read you ^___^ !

    xxx Vee


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