Monday, February 21, 2011

How School Brought An End to CNY

HEY bloggas :)

WOW! I haven't been blogging for quite some time. I missed alot of awesome giveaways, which sorta break my heart because I really want to win at least A giveaway. But still no luck yet. There are still so many new ones though, but with all the school work and life, I think I'll have to pass. Honestly, I haven't been working hard so I'm cutting my giveaway registration time and spending more time with my arch enemy, Maths. Yes, Maths and the other 5 subjects that are included in the words Subjects to Study. Things are complicated, yes they are :)

I'm thinking of composing new songs though, I want to at least make a whole booklet of my music inventions this year so it'll be like my very own song book. Hope that goes well. Oh yeahh, it's the end of CNY, that means no holidays for the past few weeks to come. Uggh, the frown is on my face. That means back to work, and STUDY STUDY STUDY till my smile comes back and a new blogpost declaring holiday for little workers we call students ;)

OOH, gotta go, it's time to exercise. Hope 'yall have a great week ;)

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