Friday, March 4, 2011

The Way Koreans Dress-up

Hey lovelies :)

Here's a random post! As you know, I've mentioned in my introduction that I love kpop stuff! That includes everything korean, the food, their fashion, everything! I've been koreanized since I was 7! Haha, unbelievable right? My mom thinks Korean fashion can be weird at times, but I think they're great in being casual and stylish in the same time. There has been a trend in wearing nerdy glasses, I think most teens has been wearing it and taking selcas.

Haha, even 2PM's Nichkun is following the trend! :D See what I mean, taking selcas!

Not only koreans do it now, probably teens all over the world has a pair, although I'm a teen and I don't have one :P

JACKETS! Hoodies! Coats! I think Koreans are famous for their adorable hoodies and their elegant coats.

Korean girls are always walking in the streets with elegant, pretty and chic coats during the winter or the fall. I think coats are a must, they have become my favorite fashion item. The colors are flashy, girly and lovely. In my opinion, it's what makes girls feminine ;) I may be wrong though.


My favorites! They come in all different sizes and they usually have super cute prints on them. I think they're the most comfortable fashionable casual items.

Heehee, so cute. Kids totally look adorable in hoodies! ^^

I wish I had one of this when I was young, it looks soooo adorable :) P.S This isn't a hoodie!


I don't think Koreans are the only one but the Glamorous big sunglasses trend has been going around the whole world. They DO look glamorous and gives that 'oomph!' I think it's good for hiding your panda or bruised eye :P

That's all for now! I'll post more about Korean Fashion in the future :D
xoxo, Have a great weekend!

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