Friday, March 18, 2011

A Night Out!

Hey guys :)
So the holidays are soon going to be over, sigh. I don't feel like going back to studying, as usual I pop back to my lazy self everytime a holiday ends :D
Here's a little look at my night out with my family at the Cyberview Lodge.
I should do a little Hotel review xD heh-heh-heh.
The Cyberview Lodge claims to be a 5-star resort but honestly, I wasn't very impressed.
I must say, I'm a girl with an expensive taste xP That's a bit embarassin' but yes, I am a girl with a VERY expensive taste.
The resort was very very quiet, so I guess it's good if you want relaxation but I had a strange feeling about that place. The bed was soft but I didn't feel comfortable some how. There were ALOT of mosquitos. I killed 6 at one go, and my sister didn't have a good night's sleep as the buzzing of a thousand mosquitos made her go crazy. The food wasn't very good either. So I made up my mind that that would be the 1st and last time there.
Day 1:
Room Service

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich with Salad. My dad was feeling hungry so my Mom ordered this but it's funny how my Dad didn't get to eat it as he went to the gym :P So we dug in, it's probably the best dish I've eaten there. My mom had to take several minutes to explain to the waiter on how we'd like to exchange the French Fries for the salad instead, so I can say that the service wasn't really good.

Day 2:

Haha, my dad peeling the pau skin. How were the paus? Not that good. I've tasted better ones.

My dad in deep thought, I like to call it his moment of being Lost in Space, I was going to steal his grilled tomatos but NAH!

The look inside the Verandah (the restaurant). There are a number of restaurants in this resort, but with only one night, we didn't go through all of them.

The outside of the Verandah! Quite nice actually, shucks, we should've sat outside. The surrounding was fantastic.

The landscaping was excellent and that's pretty much the only thing that shows that this resort is 5-star, other than that, some parts of the resort seems unrefine. The toilet has a drain odour, there were so many mosquitos, and the food wasn't good. I guess that's how my vacation turned out to be. I spent the whole time in the room watching Star World :P It was quite boring in the Resort, it was exactly like a ghost town~! Hope I get to stay in a nicer resort the next holiday :P

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  1. The outside of the resort is really amazing!!!! hahaha Im also an "expensive" girl but I will make exceptions! I rather spend more time exploring a new city than spend more money on a fancy hotel that all I do in is sleep! I've ever tried anything like an all inclusive resort though, for some reason it just seems boring, I love to adventure out and find new things but relaxing sometimes sounds nice too!

    Your family is so lucky to be able to go on trips together! Ever since my parents stated up the restaurant business they haven't been able to have any time off =(

    P.s you're right, the outside of the resort looks great!


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