Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toothless Thursday

hiya :)

So I'm here to update my online journal! After re-reading the hilarious adventures of the Diary of the wimpy kid, I realize it's fun updating about your life. I've been reading quite alot lately. First off I re-read my favorite mysterious book, Kiki Strike: The Empress Tomb. For those of you who likes mystery, I seriously think you should read this book. It's packed full of adventure. Go read the first book (The Shadow City) before you move on to the second one (The Empress Tomb).

It's definitely a must-read by the creator of this masterpiece, Kirsten Miller. It's pure genius people. Anyway, I am now chilling out in my bedroom with my dear banana plushie and my other pillows :D

My banana has split and is ready to sleep! :D Will be updating more tomorrow, I'm very very close to the holidays! Letting out a happy scream :)

Don't let 'em bed bugs bite ^^

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