Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Little Mickey Red Box

Lemme introduce you to my precious Mickey Mouse box :)

Bought in one of the many souvenier stores in the happiest place on earth, this authentic Mickey box was filled with a packet of chocolate cookies. They were tasty but what attracted me most was the box, honestly, I just wanted the box not the cookies :P

It was a good buy. What did I fill it up with, you may ask? STICKERS. Did you know that you can actually ask the staff of Disneyland for stickers? Here's an example, it's a sitcker of Duffy in Christmas theme. They, as in the staff, gives the little goodies to little kids.

Ain't it adorable? Since I asked for one for my little brother, I started to collect them for the whole of 2 days in the theme park. After a lot of running through souvenier stores, asking for stickers, I collected a whole bunch of them (okay, maybe more than a bunch). My little brother was absolutely satisfied.

FILLED :D In 2 days. I collected the tickets for a little extra souvenier :) Another good buy, if you ever go to Hong Kong Disneyland, be sure to check out and buy one of their many selection of badges, brooches, accesories. I got myself a cute authentic colorful Mickey brooch.

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  1. I think collecting stickers is a great idea! It's inexpensive but its tangible and something you could always go back to! I saw a lot of pins in disney world too but I didn't get any since I wouldn't know what to do with it lol but I know a lot of kids/adults love the pin trading program that disney has, Im not too sure how it works but some kids walk around with a ton of pins!

    When I go shopping for edible souvenirs it's also the packaging that attracts me too hahaha


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