Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bored Inc. and Jaebumfangirl Giveaway

Heyy peeps!
Wrapping the day up with another Jaebumfangirl giveaway.
The giveaway list is soooo long, I've still got more to sign up for. But I need to resume my studies :)
So I'll be a good good girl and end my blogging session for the day.

Bored Inc.! Such an adorable giveaway. Here are the deets, you ready? xD

Prize: winner’s choice of any tote or purse from Bored Inc.! Sound's awesome to me.
Deadline: Monday, March 28, 2011, Midnight EST
Opened Worldwide :)
Sign up now, sign up here:

That's it for today :D Have a wonderful day. For those who lives in Asia, goodnight :)

Sweet Dreams,


1 comment:

  1. Oh I used to check Jaebumfangirl's blog very often but Im sure you've noticed that I rarely enter any giveaways!!! Im not too sure why but I always think I will never win so no point in trying LOL Of course that's a very pessimistic view of it! Maybe I will try more often since you always post these great giveaways, I hope you win something soon too!

    Yes, I don't do well with spice but with wasabi I just plain don't like the taste of it! hahahaha I planned our romantic valentines day together, he doesn't mind what we do and I do so Im usually the planner!

    Oh and thanks sos much for the sweet comment but I think it might have just been a good picture of me, Im really not that pretty >< lol There are a lot of imperfections about me!


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