Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey fellas :) I'm back! I havent been blogging since Saturday? Not that long but I feel that I need to report more on my blog :P I've been busy with my studies, trying to push harder and not laze around. That's tough work but good news, I've been passing my tests. The results are always unexpected and I'm hoping I'll pass a history test that I did today. I've been very nervous 'bout this one, I have to learn about all 50 Countries of Africa, to me that's just insane but I hope I success! The weather is KILLING ME! It's so hot these days. I think my brain is melting :O Haha, I asked my mom to help freeze my favorite green Snoopy hanky for me so I could cool off with it.

It didn't stayed cool for very long. UGGH. I need to live in a fridge! ;D

Other than the weather draining my energy, I've been helping my school with a fundraising campaign. I'm selling candies to raise fund for the Missiontrip who will be going to Cambodia to bless the poor refugees there. I offered my help and sold all 60 packets of candies.

No sign of winning any giveaways yet! Really hoping I win something soon :O



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