Monday, March 7, 2011

Back From the Dentist!


From the dentist ;) It went better than I thought it would be. I was really nervous at first because I never had a tooth pulled out by the dentist before! SERIOUSLY, this may sound disgusting but I use to literally pull out all my shaky teeth. It did hurt but I was use to the pain. So it's my FIRST time getting a tooth out at the dentist's. My right side of the mouth is now recovering from the numbness, it doesn't feel comfortable because I can't feel a single thing but it's better than feeling pain. The dentist was extra careful and when he pulled out my tooth, I didn't feel any pain at all!

He gave me my tooth as a souvenier, I wanted to take a snapshot but later decided not to, I don't wanna gross you guys out :P

Yesterday, my sister and I went through a whole drawer of photos of us when we were young, really young. The photos were taken when I was maybe 3 years old? And there were pictures when I was 7 too. I took some pics of the photos with my iTouch! :)

Sorry :P You'll probably have to turn your head sideways to see this pic :P That's me when I was 3 in the zoo. And the little kiddo next to me is my elder sister. Hee-hee, I looked like a little boy.

That's my sis and I cuddling with my dad in Australia...wait or was it New Zealand? It was at the 12 apostles and it was freeeeeeeeeezing. I'm the one on the right with a coca-cola lollie in my hand. I loved lollies at such a young age ;D

All grown up! Oh wait, another picture where you need to tilt your head to observe ;D That's me, my sister in blue, and my mom in white with the red glasses on. She'll probably say she looks fat in this pic and kill me for putting up on my blog so SHHH! ;D I look really tired and my hair was all messy, I remember that when we took that pic I was really tired and my leg hurt after a long day of walking all over the town in Taiwan.

Well, that's all for today! :D Have a wonderful week. It's exactly 3 more days till my 1 week break! WOOHOO~ :)

Lotsa lovey-dovey-love,

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  1. Im glad your dentist ordeal was painless! Wow I can't imagine pulling my own teeth out hahaha you're so brave~! I think my mom did it for me a few times but I got most done at the dentist....I think? Well Im getting my wisdom teeth pulled this time >< I hope it was a painless as your ordeal! I also hate waiting for the numbing effect to go down, especially since Im usually starving when I leave the dentist office, seriously they put something in my mouth that makes me want to EAT afterwards!

    haha I also agree that Disney is better than Universal! But it was definitely fun and has more "exciting" rides =P

    I love the Simpsons too! They're so funny and I love how it's a great family comedy! Cartoons like Family Guy are just plain silly and foolish in my opinion, Simpsons always has a good moral to the stories!

    Oh and trust me I didn't want to leave the most magical place on earth either =(


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