Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Sun is Burning!

Hey my fellow bloggers! :) OHMY, the SUN is KILLING me. It's soooo hot! I'm hoping it could cool down by the end of the week. It's April Fools day tomorrow! Well for some of us who are living in Asia :) Any ideas on how to fool my buddies. This may sound mean but my friends can be sometimes so clueless that it's soooo easy to fool them :D If you've got great April Fool ideas, do share your genius works. MEHHEHEHEH. I was so furious because of the super hot weeather that I drew silly doodles I call 'Killing The Sun', which is dumb 'cause there won't be any light without the Sun. I didn't draw it that well but that's a fork pierced into the middle of the sun :P Silly me :)

My awesome hamster, Gertrude, I call her Gertie. It isn't actually my hamster but I'm helping my BFF who's in America for 4 months to look after little Gertie :)

Oh yeah! Here's a little section to mention Caramel Coffee's FIRST Giveaway! :D

Caramel Coffee is an awesome KAWAII blog ;D Now this is her first time hosting for giveaway, the prizes are awesome (see below pic) Contest ends April 24th. Here's where you can sign up: Go check it out!~

It's on my sidebar just so you know :D



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