Friday, March 25, 2011

Goober Girl

Hey guys! :D

This is a total random post but today I went to Tesco with my mom and I saw a whole shelf stocked with bottles and bottles of Goober peanut butter! That totally brought back memories from my childhood. FYI, I haven't been eating peanut butter since I was...7? Because of my health issues, I try to stay away from it, it's tough but hey it's better than ending up in the hospital. And no, I'm not allergic, my health problem is really complicated. Anyway, I used to eat peanut butter sandwiches, they were totally YUMMY!

I do miss peanut butter sandwiches, my parents used to buy Skippy. We spreaded peanut butter on bread and added sliced bananas, that really brought a big smile to my face :D And then, my sister and I saw Goober. Love at first sight. It was PB&J in one spread. Mmm-mmh. My mommy would pack me a Goober sandwich to school, ahh, good times good times.

For those of you who have not heard of Goober. You gotta get one, well unless you're allergic that is...KEEP AWAY but for those who loves peanut butter...EAT AWAY!

I hope for the day I get to buy my own jar and EAT AWAY too. But this is the secret to a good sandwich. I don't know about you but I love it!

I'd better stop, I'm getting hungrehh. :P I'm gonna make me a sandwich...a peanut-butterless sandwich :'( *sniff sniff* I suggest for those who can eat peanut butter without worry to enjoy!~

Byeeee!~ :D


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  1. That jar of peanut butter and jelly looks so pretty but a secret: I hate nuts LOL I think Im the only one I know that hates nuts and anything nut related, like peanut butter or chocolate bars with nuts in them like Oh Henry and chocolate covered almonds....I will suck the chocolate off and leave the almond, gross I know HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Im not allergic to anything but it must suck to not be able to eat one of the foods that you so fond of!!!!!! Maybe there's some sort of crazy alternative out there! (no peanut peanut butter? hahahaha)


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