Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Aloha peopleeee~

I'm in CWS a.k.a Clear Water Sanctuary! In Ipoh, Perak. Its empty in the resort, there are about at least 3 families here only. We're one of them. And obviously I;m on the computer now :D playing games on Shockwave.com. Yes, I'm not on Poptropica, unfortunately the latest island isn't available yet. Boo.

It is 7:54 pm, I'm in the room with my family, all hanging out with electronics. I feel so happy I get to play a laptop all to myself! Well, it is my dad's laptop, old one too. Anyway, I can't wait till tomorrow, alot of activities going on probably. After tomorrow, we're making our way to Penang, Shangrila Rasa-Sayang Resort. Woohoo! The highlight of the holidays.

Enjoy yourselves people! Love, hugs and kisses.

Vacation LIzzy <3

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