Friday, May 20, 2011

Back To Penang Island Again!

Hiya peeps!:)

Here's an update I meant to do days ago but sadly I wasn't feeling well. I had a slight discomfort in my stomach that came and go , almost admitted to the hospital but thankfully my awesome doctor said I could rest at home :)

It was tiring last weekend! Went to my school's Sports Day and got involved with helping out with the food carnival. I was in charge of selling corns :P Well, it was a good thing everybody somehow craved for corns, I sold out everything in a few hours! Which was really great. The next day, my family and I boarded a plane to, once again, Penang!

For lunch we went back to Hisago and Straits Quay, it's the japanese restaurant I mentioned in my last post! There was a Peanuts Cafe that I was dying to check out the last time but couldn't.

This time, I did! The cafe was awesome, there were Snoopy characters everywhere. Couldn't get a good shot as I forgot to bring my camera. So I used my iTouch's camera. Here's a few shots, I really really need to improve with my photography skills :P

I ordered Green Apple Mint Fizz which sorta tasted odd 'cos the mint overpowered the Apple taste a little too much. The mint was really strong and sweet. Not much fizz too, I was kinda dissapointed with the drinks. But presentation sense, it looked cool, the color was superb :) My dad ordered Dragonfruit juice, he was going on and on about how it's healthier than my drink (of course :P) I loved the color but didn't taste it :P

Chillin' out with Lucy and Linus :P That's my sister's back covering the other characters :P

One thing that I loved about the cafe was that they had pictures of Snoopy and the other Peanut Characters all lined up on the ceiling, it was nice to look up and see all of the art. Fancy, i like it :)

BELOW: My really bad snapshots of the cafe. Eeeks! Forgive me, I'll do better next time :P


This trip was sorta boring at first but it got more exciting when ETUDE HOUSE popped out. I really wished I could buy the whole store but, ka-ching ka-ching is always a problem. They were all on sale so HOORAY for me ;) Here's what I bought:

There were a good variety of nail-polishes but I wanted to try something different this time, so I went with this color, sorta like a seafoam green? :P pretty blurr today.

Next, I bought... Follow Me TINT SPF13 Vary Pink, the 2NE1 Edition :) it's awesome. This cool, mint glossy tint stick goes on clear but changes from pale pink to intense fuschia and every shade in between, according to your passion. Sounds cool? It is cool :) I love it!

Peach Beam Blusher! It's an oven baked blusher that creates porcelain clear complexion with crystal pearl shine. It has a little glittery shade which I love :)

Lastly, my brand new Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint! I like the orange shade that it gives, so I definitely had to have it. I was thinking of going with just one (the 2NE1 edition) but the Miss Tangerine one was calling out to me :P I was so tempted and I love the color, so oh wells, sold! This cool, glossy stick goes on clear but changes shades according to your passion!

That's pretty much what really happened this week! I'm so satisfied with my Etude house products, I just want more! I'll be back with more hauls, (I dearly hope so) Gonna go join more giveaways now! WEEEEEE :)

Countdown to my B'day:

6 more days... to 27th May!



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