Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey peeps! :)

So last Friday I visited the grand opening of KLCC's brand new UNIQLO! There were soooo many people and we had to line up to enter the store! It was packed. I have to say, the shop wasn't as big as the one in Farenheit which had 2 levels, it was quite small and cram actually. It was really stuffy with a thousands of people grabbing whatever they see madly :P I managed to bought a few awesome t-shirts. A black and chic OPI t-shirt, a Maybelline t-shirt, and a few others.

I'm definitely going back to get more stuff :D


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  1. Im so jealous that you have a uniqlo where you live! hahaha Im not sure if they would do well in Vancouver though but it's nice to have a choice right? =D Im glad that your not busy anymore and have time to blog!!! I hope it gets sunny on your side of the world, it's still cloudy and gloomy here though we've had some days of sunshine but we need moar! The zoo we have is very limited too hahah but it's better than nothing, the bad thing is that admission is so expensive, meaning I only go usually once a year if even!


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