Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Awards Day 2011

Hey guys! :)

I'm back with my school's Awards Day post! There's gonna be a lot of pictures :) This was the best Awards Day in my school's history of Awards Day, this year the event was held at a different location (finally they changed the venue! xD). My school held it a small hotel which was actually kinda nice, small but modern :) I bet you'd wanna know if I won any prizes...well...I won the Most Exemplary Student award! :D I received a trophy and a certificate! This is my second time receiving the Most Exemplary Award :D *big smile*!
heehee. Anyway, this year, the students got to vote which nominees they wanted to receive the prizes. And honestly, I'm still wondering how I got this award because I'm not exactly very popular and socializing is not my best thing :P But THANK YOU THANK YOU my friends, for voting me :)

I was on duty as an usher to welcome the guests and frankly, I am NOT A GOOD usher! >< Moving on, here are some pictures! :)

What I wore: An old but still lookin' new checkered dress (P.S I'm not very good in describing fashion :P) with a black jacket. Tied my hair in the princess style. Played it simple. I was tempted to put on some eyeliner but in the end I didn't but everyone else did when I got there :P All the girls were in heavy makeup! I guess I stood out being all natural :p

My ushering station, this is wear we ushers greet, take attendance and give out door gifts to the guests.
The whole reception usher crew. The teachers looked gorgeous and all dressed up in their traditional attires while I just went with formal :P
Smiling for the camera along with my girlfriends :) They were both in their saris or Indian costumes for their amazing Indian Bollywood performance :)
My best buddy, Jian Lee in his Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia's first Prime Minister) costume for the skit performance. Solo shot! :P
My favorite photo of the day :) My darling Erica and I!
Esther popping by for a picture too :) Erica wouldn't be Erica without her cheeky twin sister Esther :P Both of them have been my loyal besties for 3 years!

Mildred and I<3 Mildred gives the best hugs, not to mention the tightest xD

I didn't take any photos of the performances as I was busy with my usher duties and everything so I...heh heh...stole some pics from my school's Facebook page.

Junior Boys' performance. They did really good, my buddy Katrina was their choreographer and personally I think she did a good job. It's tough to train these kids because they're so playful and mischievous :P A couple of my friends and I had a hard time gathering them before their cue to go up on stage :P But they did a great job and the audience wanted an encore so these little boys went up the stage the second time and performed :)

Next, the Chinese Fan Dance, was choreographed by some of the teachers. The dance was good but I liked the first one performed by the Junior Boys better. But overall, the kids in this dance did well too :) I like their fans :D

And lastly, the highlight of the day for me, the Indian Dance! This was my favorite performance of the day, and it was the longest! :P These gals have been practicing really hard for the performance. I'm really impressed, although it was longer than all the other performances , I think it was still the best. Their costumes were very colorful and vibrant and the whole dance was very lively. It was a big hit, one of the pastors invited them to perform at a graduation ceremony.

The Awards!
Teacher Michael and I :)
All I can say is I'm just very happy I received the award!
Not very happy with my pictures, I look like my cheek muscles froze ><

That's all for today!
The holidays are here so hopefully I don't laze around too much and blog more :P
Gotta finish my math too! Working hard already :D (OKAY not exactly. I haven't touched my Math since yesterday. But I will, I will!)

Have a great day~

love love love


  1. Congrats on the award. :)

    I love watching performances like this. The younger kids always seem to bring more entertainment to the stage than the older folks. :P Maybe because they look cuter dancing, hehe.

    Happy Turkey Day. Hope you have a good one.

  2. yayyy! I'm finally commenting on a new post! :P the Indian dance looks entertaining just from the pictures! :P very colorful indeed. oh wow, credits to Kat! i can never deal with little hyper people! no-can-do! :P and congratz again on the award you won! kehkehkeh

  3. Hello, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :) I would love to follow each other. I'm following right now. :D Love the blog.
    Ciao bella.
    India. xx

  4. great photos!!! :) looks like you had a lot of fun.hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xo


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