Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fishing Trip: Day 1

Hiya guys! :)

Just wanted to share the pictures I took from Day 1 of my Fishing Trip :) Yes, I'm on my fishing trip.

Fishing status: Caught 0 Fishes

I love the big shady trees all around the resort!

The chalet's view of the lake :)

My sister and I popping by the fishing club to check on my dad who was busy fishing :)

The Fishing Club!

My dad reeling in some plants, he lacks some fishing skills :P

My sister patiently and quietly waiting for the fishes to bite :)

For some reason, I love to capture my toes with the scenery :P

More toes, more flip flops :P

Getting bored...

It's 6:16 pm and still no fishes...

Others are also waiting for fishes to bite :)

This lady and her daughter (not in the picture) was right next to us and she's a pro! She caught 2 fishes. We were getting kinda frustrated because the fishes only ate her bait and not ours :P

6:20 pm, no fishes :(

I got so tired, hot, frustrated and sticky that I went to where the shallow part was and fed the leftover bread to the little fishies :P Boy, they had a feast. It was kinda fun watching them snatch the pieces of bread from each other. They were so aggressive, I thought they were actually piranhas :P You can't actually see the fishes because they were so swift, and they made lots of ripples.

Instead of fishes, I got mosquito bites. I was seriously mad because I was itching all over. This was one of the biggest ones I got, it swelled up so big! It itches like mad, and hurts like a blue-black. But I took revenge when I slapped the hungry mosquito right off my hand :P It was his last drink of blood :P

After 20-30 minutes later, we decided to call it a day. So we left the club, my dad, my sister and myself. It was not a very productive day but I still enjoyed the scenery. I would like to state that I am not a fishing girl, I don't like it because we have to stay quiet and wait and wait and wait. I hate the waiting part :P My dad had to always remind me to stay patient (coming from someone who lost his own patience frequently :P) But I do enjoy the scenery and the calmness, and I love the evening wind and the view of the sunset. Sometimes, you can actually spot a group of Hornbills flying off :) I always get excited when I spot them :)

Do you enjoy fishing? Have you gone on a fishing trip before? Do share your experiences :D


  1. I love love locve fishing! It's so fun! :D Nice pictures!

  2. HAHA enjoyed reading this Liz :D it was like reading a comic xD laughed at the "getting bored part" picture :P yesh I've went fishing once at the Broga camp. (pathway was there) that was the first/last time ill fish! i hate it! the waiting and everything! i even fell into the water then i got bored me and my friends started playing in the water :P puhaha. FISHING = EPIC FAIL :p

  3. I haven't try fishing before. But, I think I don't like it as I hate waiting too. The scenery there look relaxing. :)

  4. I tried fishing before (maybe once or twice) and lol... I dunno if I lacked patience or luck (or maybe both) haha! But I'm glad you tried it, it looked like such a fun day of bonding between you and your family. Your watch is totally adorable, Lizzie! I love it!

    And that heart-shaped pizza, I carved it out of a slice haha It's for a writing contest I joined, I hope it gets published so I can rally some votes and hopefully, win a DSLR camera ;D


    A Single Girl's Musings

  5. Beautiful location, seems so peaceful. Where exactly is it?

  6. I've gone fishing before, but I was on a speedboat with some friends so it wasn't as quiet... if we didn't get a nibble, we would just speedboat around a bit LOL (totally off track).

    The place you went to looks like it'd be a really nice getaway location to just relax at =]

  7. I've never been fishing but it sounds like fun =D !! Especially if you're allowed to wear flip flops hehe =) These pics are really nice, it looks like a lovely place ! (and I LOVE your watch =D haha)

    for the swap it's simple, you can tell me which of the Sleek Pout Paints you want and I'll get them for you and in exchange you'll send me stuffs too =) ! I usually like to send as many items as my swap buddy sends coz it's fair like that =) Are you up for it ?

    xxx Vee

  8. Good read! I never been fishing before - seems like fun haha ^__^
    Cool watch too, so cute!!!


  9. hey, lizzy! amazing blog. you are so adorable, and love your photos. i love that you're into selca and korean stuff... cuz i'm korean. :) i try to go fishing at least once a year with my family... but didn't get to recently... your posts are great, and what a talented writer you are. new follower, and would love it if you find time to visit my blog. :) cheers!


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