Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Loft Haul

Hey guys!
I'm back with another part of my Bangkok Haul (which I started earlier this year). For those of you who are wondering, I put my blog challenge on hold for awhile (don't worry, I shall resume soon).
Today I'll be showing you the items I purchased from the Loft at Bangkok. This was my first time visiting the Loft which is located at Siam Discovery, the Loft sells all kinds of things! You're bound to find many cute items (not too expensive items) at the Loft, I recommend visiting the Loft if you plan to visit Bangkok.

My mom found these adorable earrings at the accessories column, it's hard to come by such adorable earrings like these anywhere in my country so we immediately grabbed them.

Mom said this Ribbon and Pearl dangling earrings would suit me, aren't they pretty? I shall wear them, take a picture, and post it on my blog in the near future ;)

The other pair of earrings I purchased were this awesome Coke earrings! What a great idea to make Coke earrings :P I think it's colorful and vintage, can't wait to put them on when I go out.
There were so many earrings but these 2 caught my eye the most! If you like them, be sure to keep an out for them when you're at the Loft ;D
That's all for my the Loft haul post! I shall post my next blog challenge and the other part of the Bangkok haul soon :D
Have a wonderful week!


  1. They're just great!!!!!!!!

  2. CUTE earrings!! (:

  3. Adorable Earrings!!! I can comment on blogs with my bf's mac but not my pc, so sad perhaps it's time to change, but then again I'm emotionally attached to my electronics lol

  4. Whoever designed those earrings has creatively cute taste. :3 you're gonna look shoooo kuit in them! ^^ oh Elise, you should be a journalist on things like these. You should write a fashion column next! :3 you give excellent reviews on everything! which is why your opinion is valid to me :3

  5. if there's bows and ribbons and pearls, i want~
    xoxo elle

  6. omg your earrings are so cute dear! love the drinks oneee ;p nice choices dear <3


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