Thursday, April 5, 2012

March Favorites and Easter Egg Madness!

Hey guys!
Thanks for leaving me awesome comments on my previous post :) It makes my day to read the little messages you leave on my blog <3

Today I decided to do something different, a March Favorites blog post! I've never ever done a monthly favorite blog post before (this is my very first, excited! :D). I'm gonna show the items that I like and have been using a lot last month, they are items in random categories. I plan to do more monthly favorite posts in the future :)

and P.S this is going to be a pretty long post, I've combined my Easter post with the March Favorites. Enjoy! And also, please excuse the quality of my pictures. They're all taken from my iTouch camera (which sucks :P) as my camera lense is still stuck!

First favorite category...Favorite Skincare Products of the Month :)

Etude House Vita Foam Mini- Let's Play and [ならかしわ ダイソー] Narakashiwa Natural Pack Masque (Mask)
I purchased this two items in the beginning of the month and was really hyped up to try them. I was breaking out alot in the beginning of the month and really needed something to prevent acne. I also wanted to try out some new skincare products (which was a bit risky but heck, they both worked well for me).
The Etude House saleslady told me that the Vita Foam Mini-Let's Play could prevent oily skin so I decided to give it a go (I have really oily greasy skin!). This foam contains Vitamin B3 and has a lime mint scent which I don't love but I don't mind it either. I've been using this for a month now and my skin is getting less oily, which means there are some improvements after using this product. Usually after school, my face would get really greasy but nowadays, it's less greasy. I'm quite satisfied with this Vita Foam and would like to try out the other Vita Foams that Etude House sells.
I bought the Narakashiwa Mask at Daiso (for only RM5!! SO CHEAP AND SO EFFECTIVE :D) after reading a review by one of my favorite beauty blogger, Gina. (Check out her blog and her review on this product). I looooove this product so much! It pulls out more blackheads and sebum than a normal blackhead pore strip would. And after applying it, my face feels softer. It's cheap, effective and AMAZING!!

Next category, is favorite accessory/jewelry of March is...
My new friendship necklace! I bought this on an outing (check out the snapshots I took with my buddy, Celina, during our outing here) with my buddy, we were finding for couple items or accessories we could both wear to school together. So I suggested going down to Diva to take a look at their BFF necklaces and we got a pair for ourselves :)

Mine is the exact same like Celina's only my reads 'FRIEND' and her's read 'BEST' (put 'em together and they read BEST FRIEND :D). It's a mini bottle sealed with a cork, inside there are two plastic hearts and a label that reads 'friend', not forgetting a little pink bow tied just right above the bottle. We wanted to insert a little letter for each other inside the bottle but my cork wouldn't come off (tried hard to pull the cork out but was such a FAIL, the cork started crumbling a little!) :( I've been wearing this to school everyday, I think it's so cute ^^
Now for my Beauty Category!
1) Etude House Precious Mineral Sheer Silky Skin BB Cream (sample)
2) Etude House Touch Touch Shadow Liner in Vanilla Touch
3) Natural Collection's Blushed Cheeks in Peach Melba
4) UpTown Vision's Duo Eye-shadow in Beauty Queen

I put together 4 favorite makeup items that I've been using frequently last month
. The Etude House BB Cream was actually a sample that I got from my last few visits to Etude House. It's actually only the 2nd BB Cream I've ever tried! It has a nice scent and gives a nice smooth texture for my skin, blends out pretty well too. I may consider buying a full-size bottle next time :)

I've been using Etude House's Vanilla Touch Shadow Liner as a creamy eyeshadow base, it's a very nice creamy color with some shimmer in it, very pretty! Another item that I've been using for my eyes is the Up Town Vision Duo Eye Shadow in Beauty Queen, my dad got it for me at a drugstore sale (first time using Up Town Visions products, first time hearing about it too O__O). I love the brown and brownish-coral-peachy color, I enjoy wearing warm shades (I think it would be good for Fall, although it's Springtime now :P).

My last favorite makeup product is Natural Collection's Blush in Peach Melba (which is actually also a drugstore item that I got from Bangkok from my last trip!). I fell in love with the dark peachy shade, goes great for my skin tone! :)

Last category is Favorite Song of March...
Favorite song goes to Ailee's Heaven! Ailee is a new Korean singer, a pretty young talented girl with a powerful voice. She recently debuted with her song, Heaven. I've been listening to this song over and over again throughout the month of March. Her voice is amazing! My sister told me to look up the meaning and lyrics of the song, and the meaning is so beautiful. It's already the month of April and I'm still listening to it over and over again, hard to get sick of it :) Ailee has become one of my favorite talented Kpop singers.
You have reached the end of my March Favorites! For the month of March I only showed 4 categories but I'll try to insert more categories in my next monthly favorite post :) Before I sign off, it's time for Easter :D

I spent a lot of time coloring and decorating empty egg shells for Easter this whole week! I posted a little sneak peek of my Easter Eggs in my last post and I shall reveal what's inside the shall when you crack one open! :)


Unveiled! My adorable yummy Egg-shaped rainbow cake! :) In preparation for Easter this year, Mom, my older sister and I collected egg shells, dyed them with food coloring and filled them with cake batter. These colorful eggs will reveal delicious rainbow cakes once cracked. I had fun making and enjoying them! Gave out some of these eggs to my classmates, they enjoyed cracking them and finding cake inside.

My school organized a small Easter Egg decorating contest yesterday. I was cracking my mind trying to plan what to draw on my egg. I decided to draw a bumblebee to match my yellow background. Here's some pics:

My pal, Celina Bear, took a close-up shot of my bumblebee egg :) I noticed my egg was the smallest among the rest because it's organic :P I meant for my bumblebee shape to be rounder but it came out a bit squarish... but overall, I'm quite happy with it. I decorated the back with sunflowers that I drew with my magic markers (had a hard time preventing my drawing for smudging)

Well that's all for today!
Happy Good Friday :) I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog post. Do leave a comment and maybe submit some suggestions on what Spring color I should paint my nails. Have a great weekend!

Lotsa love,


  1. your march post was no different then reading from a magazine. (Y) seriously, if you were a journalist, heck, you'd be a successful one scoring major cha-ching! ;) ah the Easter egg you did at school was cute :3 the bee was just plain cute! <3 HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD FRIDAY! LOTS OF LOVE!

  2. You're back! Haha. I haven't seen you post in awhile.

    I was thinking about doing monthly favorites as well, but I don't think I use enough products to show, haha. We'll see.

    The egg decorating looks like a lot of fun. I should have done some for Easter, haha. The rainbow eggs looks so cool & I love your bumble bee design.

    You should paint your nails orange with a hint of yellow. That's what I'm going to do, haha.

  3. How Cute!! You are so good at it :)

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  4. That's really cute!

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    -Mish :)

  5. The bumble bee egg is sooo cute! I bought a similar face mask too! But I only use it for my nose lol and it hurts if I put on too thick of a layer >< I got greedy and only put a thin layer on my bf and a thick layer for myself but it didn't hurt when my bf peeled off his thin layer but my thick one hurt so much! Hahahaha thinking back on it makes me laugh and feel so silly =P Glad to see you had a good easter!

  6. cute eggs :) sadly I didn´t have time this year to colour eggs

  7. YOur egg cakes looks amazing !!!!! so colorful aswell =) well done Liz <3

    xxx Vee

  8. Hi Lizzy! I hope you're doing well! Just dropping by to reply your nice comment!

    I hope you get to visit other Disney parks soon! I love them all and hope I get to visit Paris's park soon! I also want to redo California's park too since I went a while ago, I'm also a Disney nerd too! =D I hope you enjoy HK Disneyland a lot! I also had afternoon tea there if you're interested in that =)


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