Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogger Trouble and May Wishlist

Hey guys!

So this is the THIRD post that I've written this month, hopefully this one does not have any problems publishing. I haven't posted up anything since the last post in April, the reason for that is I have some trouble with uploading pictures on to my post. I've had hauls that I wanted to show you guys but I have no idea why my Blogger settings just won't let me upload the pictures! A haul post MUST have pictures :O So I'm very sorry I won't be able to post up any haul updates at the meantime.

   We're in the month of May and I cannot stay away from blogging any longer, I want to post something up! So I've prepared a May wishlist, hopefully the pictures are able to load if they're taken from the internet :P My birthday is arriving very soon, it's on the 27th of May by the way :) I'm so excited! And also, right after my birthday, I will be having a 2 week break from school! The second semester is over, so we have 2 weeks of freedom, can't wait :D

I'm thinking of dyeing my hair during the holidays, that, I will talk more about after my wishlist :P

  No.1 Item on my wishlist is a...yellow umbrella! My mother and I have been watching the latest Korean drama, 'Love Rain' (this umbrella is also similar to the one Song Hye Kyo had when she was starring in Autumn in My Heart, I love that show too!), and we absolutely love it!
In Love Rain there is a famous scene where both the main characters walk together in the rain under their yellow umbrella, it's become, sort of a special symbol for the Korean drama. I want a similar umbrella to theirs, nothing special, no particular pattern, just plain yellow. Finding a plain yellow umbrella should be pretty easy but it is NOT easy in my country, they sell all kinds of colored umbrellas BUT yellow, which is absurd!

P.S If you know where to get a plain yellow umbrella in Malaysia, please do share with me!:)

Second item on my wishlist is...

A Polaroid camera! Nowadays I've seen so many people own a polaroid camera and snapping adorable pictures of themselves, that really tempted me to get one. I always liked the thought getting your pictures printed as soon as you take them, how cool is that! And aren't Polaroids vintage in a way? :D I must get my hands on anything vintage at all xD

Third and final item is a make-up related item,

I've heard a lot of good reviews and comments on the Balm's blushes, and I'd really really like to try one. I've seen them being sold at cosmetic stores like Sasa, but they are very pricey here in my country! Normally I wouldn't pay that much for a single blush or bronzer, but the Balm's blushes are pretty tempting. I LOVE the packaging, it's absolutely vintage! One of the main reasons why I want it is because of the impressive vintage packaging, I'm a sucker for cute/vintage packaging :P

What's your favorite the Balm blush?

I know this is a pretty short wishlist, but my wishlist grows each time I see something I like, so this is safe to say, incomplete :P But these are some of the items that I'd like to have or try out in the mean time.

Now on to the topic of dyeing my hair. This would be the very first time dyeing my hair, honestly, I'm not someone who's very interested in dyeing my hair. But I'm a bit curious to experience how having colored hair feels like, if that makes any sense. I'd like to change my hairstyle a bit, and I'm not going to cut it as I've already done that last year, now I've decided to grow my hair long again. My sister brought up the topic of dyeing her hair and she's very eager too, so she has made plans to try out Liese's Bubble Hair Dye (the boxed one, and temporary dye). I thought of tagging along and trying it out too, but for some reason I feel nervous (even though this is going to be temporary).

But I AM excited! I've been reading reviews and checking out different colors and trying to decide which color I should give a go.

P.S If anyone of you reading this has dyed your hair (with Liese Bubble Hair Dye), please do leave a comment on what color you dyed and your rough thoughts on the dye.

It's pretty hard to pick which color I want to go with. I'm thinking of staying in the brown series. So far, I'm pretty interested in going with Chestnut Brown, but all of the colors look stunning and beautiful! It's a hard decision for me. Which freaking color should I go with? :/

Let me know on your thoughts on Liese Bubble Hair Color and any suggestions for what color I should go with:)

Here's a recent picture of me with my Audrey Hepburn *inspired* sketch. It doesn't look one bit like Audrey Hepburn so therefore it is not Audrey Hepburn :P If you have Instagram, follow me: @ms7may. Let me know if you have so I can follow back and check out YOUR pictures:) 

I hope to update with my hauls ASAP :)



  1. I love yellow umbrellas. They brighten up dreary days.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. It looks exactly like Audrey Hepburn !!!!! Have you seen Breakfast at Tiffany's ?

    xxx Vee

  3. My dad used to own a polaroid camera! ;D its loads of fun! plus its a cute camera and hey, ya gotta love anything that's cute xDD

    I'm not sure if you should go for a dark brown or light brown :/ but I'm sure either one would suffice ;)

    So glad to see you updated your blog! Xx AND YAY YAY! YOU'RE BIRTHDAY IS COMING NEARER BY THE SECOND! *EXCITED*

  4. Hey, good to hear from you!
    omgomg let's talk Love Rain first. Is it really that good? I watched half of the first episode but I stopped...Should I watch it? haha

    Very nicely draw picture btw! And your eye makeup looks very lovely :)

  5. That sketch is amazing! It totally looks like Audrey Hupbern! I actually have a plain bright yellow umbrella! Hahaha I bought because I was caught without an umbrella when it rained hard once but I don't use it regularly cause it's a bit too big to fit into my bags.

    I've tried the hair dyes as well! Twice actually! One of the browns as well as Ash Brown. From my *faint* memory of these dyes I think the regular brown one looked better than ash but they are really easy to apply! So I would say great for beginners! It takes a bit of time for it to "foam" up on your hair so don't panic!

    P.s Happy belated birthday! I hope you had an awesome time, enjoyed your time off and got lots of goodies!

    Pp.s I've always wanted a Polaroid camera too but the idea of always having to buy pricey films turns me off the idea lol


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