Sunday, June 19, 2011

High Bun 101

Waddup gals,

Lately, I have been using my dad's iPad to download tutorials on YouTube on how to make the Korean high bun. I am a very koreanized gal and I visit the Korean town in Ampang almost all the time, and there are always many pretty korean gals walking around with their hair tied up high into a bun. Almost every korean singer (female ofcourse) has their hair tied up into a bun too! So I tried tying one myself. But FAIL. I mean, it actually works but I just can't seem to make it appear HIGH like all those korean gals. I have very very thick hair and I'm not sure if thats the problem.

Many gals in their tutorials has mentioned teasing the hair in order to make it higher, but if you've got other suggestions, do feel free to comment ^^

Now that's an extremely HIGH bun :)

This is the Japanese version, it looks so neat and I think it requires lotsa hairspray and for a teen like me who doesn't normally use hairspray, this is impossible :P

Hope I get some info outta my readers :)


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  1. Wow, cool. Idk if I could pull those off.


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