Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's all about the Covers

Hey ladies :)

How was your week? I had a great one, and I returned to school today! :) Got to see all my lovely buddies who claimed they missed me TOO much, I hope they meant it :P

I just wanna leave a message, in the meantime, I can't answer any comments now, I'm SO SORRY but Blogger isn't allowing me to do so. So for the past few posts, Esther, my darling, I'm sorry I didn't reply you :P *If you're reading*

Sooo, here's a new post. I had to keep my blog updated :D

One thing about me, I love magazine covers, the one thing that I like to stare at are magazine covers. That's probably unusual, I'm not quite sure, but I know I like to observe the covers of magazines. So here's some picass.

I'm a definite Taylor Swift fan or a 'swiftie' :P I love her music and her lyrics. I love her style and her look. She's got this feminine country kinda style and I simply love it. Her curls are always neat and lovely, nobody looks better in those curls except her :)

This is from Glamour magazine, I can tell by the big title on the cover that makes it totally OBVIOUS. I have to admit, I don't really read much magazines, i focus on the covers mainly :PP I'm not your typical gal, I guess :P This cover is my favorite, I like how she pulls her hair back up like that, sexxayy :P And her eyes, so mysterious yet HOT :)

I've just recently saw this cover and I love it! Her hair isn'tthat curly, it's wavy and a bit messed up but I think she looks great in this. Whether it's straight, long hair or bouncy curls, Taylor always look lovely. But why i loved this cover was because she was holding that cute camera there. I must say, picture perfect :) If I were a boy, I'd make her my girlfriend xD
I have this BLISS cover saved up in my phto album, so I guess you can say, I like itt :) She has soft make-up on which makes her look so feminie and gentle and I like that necklace around her neck. I'm a gal who doesn't own a long neck so I envy those with elegant long necks :)

I'm not a very HUGE fan of Katy Perry but I definitely have to say, she's gorgeous :) I like her doll-like looks and everytime I see her, I'm like, "Ohmygosh, she's such a barbie doll". Some peeps will disagree with me but, seriously, she's like a gorgeous walking doll. I like her dark dark black hair and I hope she keeps it black forever 'cos that makes her look absolutely pretty and sexy :P She is sexy, and very pretty. My Katy Perry songs are; Hot n Cold, Firework, and Teenage Dream. P.S I am a fan of her hilarious husband Russell Brand! xD makes me laugh ALL THE TIME.

GLAMOUR! I love her blue dress :) and her glossy pink smile. And again she looks like a barbie doll to me.

COSMOPOLITAN! Her hair-do reminds me of Marilyn Monroe's famouse curls (dark version ;)), sexy!

LUCKY! I've seen Katy Perry in pink or red lipstick and that definitely suits her. I like her dolly like lipstick shades and her smoky and mysterious eyes! Makes me feel like she's going to do something crazy next xD


Also known as 'Sharpay Ryans' in High School Musical, Ashley Tisdale is one of my favourite actress since young. I am not a fan of HSM but I followed the movies because I loved Ashley Tisdale :P She looks sexy in both blonde and dark brown hair. She can be the girl-next-door, the strong sexy singer who's always "Alright, Ok" but either way, I love her :D


WEEKLY OK! This pic is probably taken during the time of her album release. I loved "Guilty Pleasure" and her hit-song "It's Alright It's Ok". I used to listen to it all the time, repeating songs over and over again. I loved her hair color and to me it gave her a bad-gal flavor :D

to be continued......



  1. haha aww, u cant reply comments? :( well that explains it. O to the M to G! this is why i love ur blog! theres always so much to see and its all put together so lovely, tasteful & classy. :) well, obviously imma swifty, yes i love her elegance but still with that country thang goin on. ;) and i adore Katy Perry she brings so much originality to her style. and i also LOVE LOVE LOVE SHARPAY! I got Ashley's guilty pleasure album too. It was simply Ah-mazing, i thought the song called Hair was really bubbly and fun and kinda funny too :P

  2. Thanks for answering my little questionnaire and directing me to this post! I'm a HUGE FAN of Taylor!

    I hope you'll come visit more often!



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