Friday, June 10, 2011

Too Pretty, Too Cute

Annyeongg :)
I'm going all korean-ish again :P

I decided to update my blog a little more, I think it's too dull, blecchh. Anyway, lately I've been Tumblring (I mentioned if you read in my last post) and there are lotsa blogs interested in Korean fashion. I think korean fashion (female :P) gives a girly and cute vibe, lately, everyone's been following the trend. I think I'm quite interested in it too :)

Bunny hairbands! If you observe Korean celebrities (like I do every single day, I totally live like a Korean :P), lotsa korean girls wear hairbands such as this adorbs bunny ear hairband, now most pretty girls wear hairbands with ribbons on them, which I think is cute :) They're bringing back oldschool fashion nowadays. I find myself liking ribbons alot lately!

RIBBONS AGAIN :) the HUGE version :P

I love this picture, I like the bright colors ^^ so cute! The Koreans like to go all cute and colorful, I see :P What I envy most about the Koreans are their silky white complexion, it seems unreal but I think most koreans have original pure smooth complexion.

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  1. oohlala, so you've got a passion for fashion aye? x) those pics are sho sho kuit. ;D oh, i miss you sooo much on the blog. and on twitter. and on fb.lately you've been M I A. D: but now you've blogged, and it has made me *smile*. ttyl you too pretty too cute. ;P


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